by Karthi

There was a time, when ink used to go empty in the ball-point pen, I used to buy refill, not a new pen.  (Mostly, I use fountain pen, which gives much beautiful control over writing). While at school,  for  a brief period I fell in love with Reynolds Fine Carbure for it provided one of smoothest writing experience with fine control.  That is the only ball-point pen I ever loved, rest of them are mere junk both in the past and present. One cool thing that you can do with Reynolds is you could etch the name India by knocking some of the characters, which was skillfully done using  blade. Few lucky ones would be able to get their names on the that pen, that was awesome!

When young,  we were adventurous. I remember  vividly that, we used try refilling the ink, from one refill to other, even though it was much tougher and dirty than sharing the ink in a fountain pen, but who cares, we occasionally succeeded.