How to Hire

by Karthi

To hire the best you need to convert standard jobs into career opportunities.

While clearing of papers, I found notes on hiring process.  A learning class that I attended long time ago. Here are some of the tips from that document.

Recruitment basics

  1. Make the candidate earn the job
  2. Create an opportunity gap: Use push and pull to challenge/excite the candidate
  3. Use the “30% Plus solution” = Job growth + job stretch + compensation + hiring manager’s total involvement
  4. Test offers: Don’t make an offer until all aspects have been verified
  5.  Recruiting isn’t selling. It’s marketing
  6. Listen 4:1 : More than talking. Ask questions

Legal basics

  1. Don’t ask anything personal
  2. Don’t ask about outside clubs/social activities
  3. Don’t ask about family or age
  4. Don’t ask anything that could determine religion or race

You can ask about

  1. Ability to travel, if required
  2. Ability to work overtime, if required
  3. Anything job related

Basic fact-finding

  1. Describe situation, challenges
  2. Describe beginning and end
  3. What was accomplished
  4. Why were you chosen
  5. When, and how long did it take
  6. Describe team, your role
  7. Environment – pace, resources
  8. Skills used, learned, applied
  9. What results were expected
  10. Describe successes, failure
  11. Describe planning, management
  12. Did you achieve plan
  13. Obtain 2-3 examples of initiatives
  14. What did you change/improve
  15. Toughest problem faced, why
  16. Toughest decision made, how
  17. Biggest conflict faced
  18. What did you learn about yourself
  19. How did it grow as a result
  20. Describe likes, dislikes
  21. How did you improve yourself
  22. What would you do differently
  23. What recognition did you receive

Team fact-finding

  1. Draw a work char w/titles
  2. What was your role, why you
  3. What was plan and were results met
  4. What were biggest team problems
  5. Did you influence team performance
  6. Examples of being influenced
  7. Examples of being influenced
  8. Types of people you liked/disliked
  9. Did you get better as team member
  10. What did not you do you should have
  11. Where did people seek you out
  12. Describe toughest team issues
  13. Describe your worst team issue
  14. Who did you mentor
  15. Who mentored you
  16. How did you improve yourself, learn
  17. What do you like/dislike re:teams
  18. Describe any team recognition
  19. What would you do differently
  20. How did you grow as team player
  21. How would others describe you
  22. Who do you want to work with again
  23. How could you still get better

Technical fact-finding

  1. What were the big tech challenges
  2. What was your role in projects
  3. What expertise did you bring
  4. How did you apply this to this project
  5. Describe biggest tech problems
  6. Describe how solution was found
  7. What did you like most/least
  8. How did you prioritize tasks, why
  9. How did you plan projects
  10. Was plan achieved
  11. Describe the tools used
  12. What was biggest frustration
  13. What was biggest satisfaction
  14. Where did you go extra mile, why
  15. Where did you excel
  16. Examples of technical initiatives
  17. How did you learn technical skills
  18. What areas did you need to learn
  19. How could you have been better
  20. Where did you feel deficient
  21. Who did you influence
  22. Where did you compromise
  23. Did you get any recognition

Steps in the interview process

  1. Welcome and understand motivation
    • Please provide a quick overview of your work background
    • What are you looking for in a new job?
    • Why is having that important to you?
  2. Wait for 30 minutes
    • Note immediate reaction to the candidates
    • Stay objective
    • Measure first impression at the end of interview
  3. Conduct work history review
    • For the past few jobs ask about positions held, dates, promotions, duties, recognition.
    • Why left and explain gaps
  4. Ask about 2-3 significant accomplishments
    • Please describe your most significant (team, individual, job-specific) accomplishment
    • Conduct fact-finding for 10 minutes
  5. Ask about job-specific problems
    • One major challenge we’re currently facing is (describe)
    • How would you go about resolving it
    • Get into two-way dialog
  6. Allow time for questions
    • Do you have any specific questions about the job or opportunity presented today?
  7. Recruit and close
    • While I’m seeing some other strong candidates, I’m impressed with your background, what are your thoughts?
  8. Measure 1st impression again
    • Consider the impact on you, the impact on others (customers, peers, superiors, staff), and the impact of performance