Thanks Krish

by Karthi

Meet wonderful and ever helpful, Krish at San Jose.

Had sumptuous  dinner at Banana Leaf, courtesy Krish, he pitched in with bills.

The taste the NaN was as close the our own Parota, but is lot thinner and smooth.
First time I am Instagraming food photos. 

Ah! Rice that tasted as authentic home food.
Second time, I am Instagraming food photos. 

Finally, an out of the box thinking by Krish.  When I was planning to buy microwave
owen , he rightly advised to buy a rice cooker.  Why was I not thinking like him?

Meanwhile, the Wall-Mart felt like Big Bazaar, when it is little on rush.

Finally, one word, Thanks Krish, for the time, conversations, food and commute.