Dell Latitude : Worst Keyboard Layout

by Karthi

Dell Latitude laptop comes with one of the  worst keyboard layout.  Even after spending many days, I still find it very difficult to use. In the past, I have migrated between different keyboard layouts, and none were this hard to use.

There are many thing wrong with this layout.

  1. Left shifted touch pad. (I don’t think, centred touch pads cause more ‘cursor insertion’ errors while typing.)
  2. Small space bar key.
  3. Much smaller function keys. These are pretty much useless.
  4. Small ESC key, that is so essential for editing in Vim.
  5. Unwanted numeric keyboard. Again, pretty much useless.
  6. Page Up and Page Down are keys are placed along arrow keys. These constantly interfere with Entry and Shift key
  7. Smaller Home, End, Insert and Delete keys.
  8. The order of Home, End, Insert and Delete keys.
  9. The Home, End, Insert and Delete keys interfere with Backspace key.

Are there any developer friendly laptop out there?