Honorable Politician

by Karthi

Honorable Politician

A man saw an epitaph in a cemetery which read: ‘Here lies an honest man and politician.’
‘Shame,’ he cried, ‘two people in the same grave!’

Speaker vs MP

Two dogs were discussing their masters. The first said, ‘My master is the speaker of the House, when I start barking, he cannot stand it and keeps saying, “please, please, please …” to stop me from barking.’  The other, belonging to an MP, said, ‘At least your master is polite. Mine is a most devious man. After abusing everyone in the house he has the audacity to put a signboard on his gate, “Beware of the dog”

Labour woes

The Indian and Cuban labour ministers were in the midst of a meeting.  Cuban labour minister: ‘Labour problems in our nation  produce hundreds of types of tensions for me.’ Indian labour minister: ‘That’s nothing. Labour problems in our nation produce 50,000 babies every day.’