How to write a good book.

by Karthi

Source : XKCD/Economist

This is an extract from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s book “Fooled by Randomness, the hidden chance in life and in the markets”, which gives a brief essence of what it takes to write a good book.

The rules…

avoid discussing (a) anything that I did not either personally witness on the topic or develop independently, and (b) anything that I have not distilled well enough to be able to write on the subject with only the slightest effort. Everything that remotely felt like work was out. I had to purge from the text passage that seemed to come from a visit to the library, including the scientific name dropping. I tried to use no quote that did not naturally spring from the memory and did not come from a writer whom I had intimately frequented over the years ( I detest the practice of random use of borrowed wisdom — much on that later). Aut tace aut loqiere meliora silencio (only when the words outperform silence)